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Right and Wrong

If there is no moral absolute then what Hitler did to the Jews was, in his own mind, good? If there is no absolute right and no absolute wrong then enslaving one man to serve another is simply a matter of natural selection and survival of the fittest? If there are no social boundaries with which we as a culture are to administer law and order and justice then we have no future hope for our children but to teach them to be violent in order to keep from being preyed upon for who will uphold the law?

I believe in tolerance but not to the point of casting aside common sense. Conviction is in itself evidence of the moral absolute written on our hearts. When one tribe of head hunters stumbles upon a wandering member of another tribe of head hunters the vulnerability of the one instinctual declares the wrong of his previous convictions as he runs for his life. Survival is a gift to be coveted by all. So there must be something written into the very essence of who we are and to deny the Authorship of that essay called the conscience would be like denying the authorship of Mark Twain after he penned Tom Sawyer?

I fear for my nation’s future because there is a dismissal of reason in our midst as we have thrown the baby out with the bath water in our efforts to practice tolerance. The insanity of this is that those who cry the loudest for tolerance are the least likely to want to converse on the subject with anyone who is educated enough to make a case for an alternative opinion. This is ridiculous and the net result is that we are a nation, a generation and a people who are set afloat in a very turbulent ocean without compass, sail, or rudder! JB

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