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Ephesians 5:17-18 Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is. 18 Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to reckless indiscretion. Instead, be filled with the Spirit.

10 months ago I received a call from a Deputy in regards to a man who relapsed and he was in jail in Eagle County. I was asked to drive to Eagle Colorado where I picked up his belongings and drove his car and all his stuff home to Grand Junction Co. We stored his vehicle in the church parking lot under surveillance cameras. Today he finally got released and before he could even pick up his property he found his way into a bar and showed up drunk planning to get a motel and God only knows what else?
What drives us to such insanity? We addicts alcoholics have a tough hill to climb and our journey is not for the faint of heart. I have watched people that I dearly loved and respected in ministry succumb to the devilish backlash of relapse and I have struggled in my own journey to find freedom and remain in the grip of God’s grace. I believe there is only one cure for us and it is an all out desperate pursuit of the hem of Christ’ garment.
Addiction takes the human soul into places no mortal should go. It opens the door to the foulest of devils where money and sex become god and families are so easily sacrificed on the altar of self. Addicts are the most selfish self centered people alive as our whole existence requires a level of constant consumption, whether it be drugs or alcohol or food or sex or etc, etc. Like immoral black holes we consume whatever is in our path using parents and their resources while we "party" on someone else’s dime until we are bankrupt and adrift with absolutely no sense of right or wrong and for far too many there is a point of no return where you just push God away until He just stops knocking on the door of your hardened heart? Hell is nothing more then the space of eternal discontentment and unmet lust that burns in a flame of desire that is never quenched, without hope forever and ever and ever. So is addiction!
Our hope is simple. It is God, and more of God, and still more God! For every phone call I made as an addict I must call out to God twice as often. For every night I spent up chasing the moon I must spend those same nights up talking to God about what is broken in me! For every careless thought I think looking for ways to be self satisfying, I must now live my life to serve others and become the miracle to others I first sought God for myself. We are blessed to have a disease that we can put into remission with a simple but profoundly desperate cry to Heaven and God who sees the heart knows whether we are trying to be rescued from the consequences of our sins or whether we truly intend to be saved from OURSELVES? Rarely have we seen someone fail who was willing to be honest and who was desperate enough to do the work, casting the whiny blame and justification of sin aside we must become as close to God as we once were to the devil! There is no other cure. The only thing that must change is everything! You cannot travel to Indonesia or across the Kansas border because your problem is you and you cannot out run you, just ask Jonah! There is hope but it is the blood of the Lamb and He will not see one drop of His righteous offering wasted on our putrid self will so we must be emptied of self to be filled with His life and it is a process and it requires diligence and sacrifice and more work. Laziness and excuses will not see the promise land of His mercy. When we are wrong we admit it and we make amends and we own our junk and we turn from our sins and we STOP using people as a means to our selfish ends! Recovery is a rest of our lifetime endeavor and I promise you I have seen the promise land of being restored to my children and grace upon grace. I am no longer at odds with the world or the police or the judicial system and I see the wonder of living to serve instead of being served and I am blessed beyond words…….but still I cannot relent in my pursuit of God because the moment I think I am cured I am already bound to rediscover what I first learned and that is without God I am nothing. I keep Jesus in my sights and heaven as my reward and I serve to remind me where I came from! I walk humbly with my God and my trust in Him seals me with the peace that I never have to go back as long as I am moving forward toward the goal of His throne! I am His now and forever! It’s a simple program…..GET OVER YOURSELF…….it’s not about you!
A word to loved ones…….STOP ENABLING and let your baby crash and burn. They will either grow up or grow old but either way your only prolonging the inevitable and you cannot put the miracle of grace in a jar full of holes and only God can fill the holes so start praying and put your purse away and your wallet and your cars and your house. When you get out of God’s way He will begin to do the work you cannot. Stop pampering junior, he is a grown man who needs to stand on his own two feet.
God be with everyone who struggles tonight or knows someone struggling and release your grace into open hearts ready to hear the sound of miracles in the cries of the broken desperate…….To God Be The Glory, Amen

Scripture Memory Verse: Micah 6:8

He has shown you, O man, what is good;
And what does the Lord require of you
But to do justly,
To love mercy,
And to walk humbly with your God?

Jim Bailey



2992 North Ave.

Grand Junction Co. 81504



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