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An Evening Prayer

Dear Lord, I come to you this evening casting my cares upon you. Lord, where do I begin? I cannot imagine how heavy your cross was Lord Jesus as my suffering is a shallow reflection of the trial you faced and yet from my lowly perspective I see you Lord. Not from the outside but from the inside Lord, I feel your heart. I see the agonies you faced long before the garden and I feel the beat of your heart as you wrestled with the Father’s will. There was no easier or softer way then the cross though you hoped then, even as I do now, nevertheless let the will of God be done.
With tears I humbly cry out to you Lord as I do not know which way to turn with some of these challenges but my heart seeks your truth and I only ask that whatever you may purpose for me that I will courageously accept it in the full confidence of knowing that I am walking in the way your Spirit leads me. I do not care if it is marked with suffering or loss as long as I gain you in the process and my only request is that I do not suffer because of disobedience but rather that my sufferings would, as yours, bring life and truth to those lost in the dark.
I ask not for riches but I seek grace and contentment in what you provide and for wisdom to dispense it accordingly! Thank you for all the blessings you have already given Lord and I refuse to live my life allowing ingratitude to govern my spirit. You have given me life and I have hope this world cannot take from me and whether I live my life in a jail cell or in the palace I will thank you for each breath and live with tomorrow in front of me knowing you are there waiting for me.
I pray Lord that my faith fills up my life and that when my days are done here that I will have left a mark on this world that truly reflects the love of your glory that fills my soul. I am nothing without you Lord Jesus and you are everything! You are my crown Lord and your presence is my reward!
Thank you for everything including my trials and the tears that they have brought into my present struggles for because of them I have set my affections on things above and not on the passing pleasures of this world. Thank you Holy Spirit for making intercessions for me which I could not utter on my own and for conforming me into the Image of God the Son as you do. I am yours Lord and I give you permission to do with me as you will and whether by life or death I pray that you exalt your holy Name in me. Lord, and when you do I will be careful to give you all the glory in Jesus mighty Name, Amen!

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