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Proverbs 4:23 Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

When I was a young adolescent boy I was in school when, one day in class, I watched this kid hurl an object at the teacher. He quickly dashed to the other side of the room and I was left standing alone in the vicinity that the object obviously came from. The teacher was livid for the disrespect of the act and without temperance she moved to exact swift punishment and so I was drug to the principal’s office and nothing I would say would clear me of the perceived offense.
I wish I could convey the anger that I carried in my heart for that individual as I was eventually brought back to the classroom and made to publicly apologize and then I was made to sit in the corner of the room by myself where I was suppose to consider my behavior and amend my ways. The boy who did it laughed at me as he turned hearts against me making my school experiences downright unbearable.
As a Christian I often encounter people who are disillusioned in their faith? I hear their cries of loss and suffering and the confusion that often overwhelms our hearts when we are grieving. It is tough sometimes this thing called life and its not easy to keep ourselves on sure footing when the world around us seems to be shaking like a strong San Francisco earthquake. It hurts my heart when I hear people, well meaning people, who level their faulty accusations at God and to be honest I have been there. I was ignorant of my Creator and like the teacher who was offended at the assault on her being, I too was deceived by a school bully named the devil. I examined the world through the lens of my own suffering and I had no knowledge of the truth and the truth is that God is love. When I say that God is love it doesn’t mean that God is a jelly fish. There are things God opposes and its not because He is a cosmic kill joy but rather that God knows the end from the beginning and He knows that those things He opposes are in the end bad for His creatures. God is not diminished by our selfish behavior, it is rather for our good that He gives us parameters to live by. What I know now is that God is good, He is always good, His goodness is eternal and like any GOOD parent God disciplines and He always does so with the long term goal of our character and our prosperity of soul and spirit in mind. How sad it is that so many humans are blindsided by the devil being hit with something they didn’t see coming and in our hurt and embarrassment we turn around and falsely level our accusations against the Almighty and nothing anyone says will change our minds? I find it sad and I also have had to repent for believing things about God that simply were not true.
Through the years I have found a Father who is good and my life experience has changed dramatically as my understanding has changed. Bad things happen and often to decent people and such is our hope for Christ’ return because in the world to come sin and sickness and deceit will be wiped away through the blood of the Lamb. Until then we must live a guarded life by understanding that there is a deceiver and he will use the bait of religion, greed, misunderstanding, ignorance, selfishness and whatever else that appeals to our fallen nature to keep us from one simple truth and that is that God is love and God is always good. War and conflict are sometimes necessary to quell the enemies plots but they are not nor were they ever God’s first and most holy plan. God has always been a benevolent and compassionate Savior and while we must live a guarded life to the lies of the enemy, we must at the same time live unguarded to the revelation and unwavering desire of God to manifest His presence in our lives. Just crack the window a little and the warmth of that truth will flood your life and all the misunderstanding will fade away in the healing of the Lord’s love. Once that love is encountered we are vulnerable to the playground bully no more!

Memory Verse Of The Day: James 1:17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variation, neither shadow of turning.

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