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Prayer For Voice In The Wilderness Church

Lord, tonight I want to just take a knee and cry out to you. This week I have seen so much suffering, confusion, fighting, and endless debate over the most inane things! Everywhere it seems that madness and folly control the minds of so many Lord and I wonder what stupor has come upon us?
Lord Jesus, I know this world is full of conflict but I am asking you to refresh my heart and the heart of your people for the battle has only begun. We must arm ourselves with the love of heaven and we must also learn to depend on you to lead and guide us through the trials that will come as we stand upon your unchanging truth.
Father, I see the will of the enemy as he begins the oppression of expression in order to silence the message committed to us from your Son and yet I pray tonight that your church will rise up and boldly proclaim your liberating truth, no matter what the price may be! I know it wont be easy as we have seen the example of those who have gone before us but it is our time to shine and I am asking that you baptize this church with a holy fire and let us do exploits in your Most Excellent Name. Let the love of our fellowship be more then words recited by memory but let that love be so deeply ingrained in our being that the world will surely know we are your disciples! Father, may our hope be perfected in you and let this hope be blameless and purifying so that we may be preserved unto that Holy Day in which we shall see you face to face!
Oh God, how we long to see you in your glory when the veil shall be removed from our eyes and all that we imagined will seem like the visions of a child compared to that which shall soon be revealed. Until then I pray for the courage to run the race that we may receive the victors crown, for in that moment we aspire to have many trophies to lay meekly at your feet, for you are worthy of all the glory both now and forever, for you alone are the One true God and we are the sheep of your pasture! Yes, let all light and all praise and every worthy thing be laid triumphantly at your footstool for in you we run and as long as our eyes are set upon you, we shall never grow weary and neither shall we faint in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen!

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