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Faithful God

We rolled through the gate all of us looking at what we were sure was Castle Gray Skull. 40 new prisoners arriving at Sterling Correctional Center where I would spend the next seven years of my life. Broken and defeated I was alone having been forsaken by everyone who knew me and rightly so, I had lived a very selfish life alienating everyone.
Having turned to God in desperation I had barely escaped a life sentence. My family wanted nothing to do with me but I was determined to make amends so I set out to do just that. I went to the prison library and asked for a phone book from my hometown which was on the other side of the state. To my surprise they had one and opening the pages I found the florist section and copied three names and addresses down. I went back to my cell and opening my little prison issue phone book I saw that I had only one stamp to my name. I knew I had to express my sorrow to my wife as she had endured so much heartache and I left her and our children abandoning my post for the chemicals that drove me into absolute despair. Now clear headed and acting on the promises of God’s Word I was determined to fight for my family, though my bride no longer wanted anything to do with me, divorce was imminent.
There I sat with one stamp and three names, I paused and whispered a prayer and asked God which one? Johnson’s House Of Flowers won the honor of receiving a letter from one desperate prisoner on the other side of the state. I penned a letter asking for prices for a dozen long stemmed roses with a couple star fire lilies explaining I would pay in advance after saving my money as I only earned 13.00 a month? I completed the letter by thanking them for their help and with a P.S. I also advised them I would also need delivery charges as I was clearly unable to deliver them myself?
One week later I received a letter back. It read; Dear Mr. Bailey on behalf of me and my family we would like to send your wife one dozen roses from our store. We just need her information and as soon as we receive it, we shall gladly deliver the flowers free of charge. Sincerely Johnson’s House Of Flowers. P.S. We all have made mistakes but God sets the prisoners free. Best of luck! Rich
I wish I could describe the flood of emotion I felt as knew God would answer my prayer as He had promised to restore me to my family and I promised God that if He did I would live the rest of my life serving Him. I mailed the information off and waited anxiously for word from home. Two weeks went by and I can tell you it seemed like a thousand years but I finally received a letter from the flower shop describing the elation of my wife’s response as she received the flowers in the cafeteria of the hospital where she works. My wife has an infectious smile and the room exploded with delight at the reception of those flowers, my wife is an amazing lady! Everyone loves her! The florist was so touched by the scene he offered to send her flowers once a month but I was determined to never hurt or take advantage of anyone again so we settled on two dates a year. On Tracie’s birthday and on Valentines Day this wonderful man sent her flowers for seven years and he did so at the behest of the Savior who promised to restore me to my family.
Tracie made me earn her affection as I served my time and came home transformed by grace. We dated for two years and we were remarried six years ago and I had to prove to God and my family that I was a changed man. The best things in life are worth working and waiting for.
I finished up my schooling and was ordained four years ago. Three years ago we started a church called Voice In The Wilderness Ministries. We have a thrift store that we use to create transitional housing for ex-felons and our church is alive with God’s Spirit as many resonate with our story finding hope when there seems to be none. I am now preaching in Castle Gray Skull as a volunteer and I will never forget my faithful God!

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