Voice Ministries is growing the body of Christ, one life at a time


Our Mission

We are a people with a passion for reaching the lost. We believe that through community evangelism, networking with other churches, and through the opening of the Renewed Thrift Mart, we can come together to create opportunities of employment and housing that will benefit many of those who are being overlooked or worse, written off as hopeless. By receiving the unwanted or discarded household items donated to this ministry we can renew both the items and those in need of an opportunity can be ‘renewed’ in the faith of our Lord and Savior while at the same time learning important life skills.Through hard work and sound Biblical teaching it is possible to become a new creature recreated in the love of God.

Our Purpose

Jesus commanded His followers to go into all the world making disciples of all nations, but too often in our present culture we lead people into the Kingdom and then we forsake them at the threshold of eternal life. Satan comes in and steals the word spoken to them and because they were never truly loved or patiently taught to walk and abide in the presence of Christ they turn away from what they perceive as a powerless gospel never really pressing through unto the victory, becoming the overcomers God calls His people to become. The very Greek word for salvation means ‘process’ and at Voice In The Wilderness we believe in making the mental, financial, and spiritual investment in people seeing them through the process, patiently loving them through their mistakes while encouraging them that with God, anything is possible! The greatest testimony of the love of God is a transformed life and it is for the love of souls and the love of our Savior and a zeal for His glory that we do what we do!

Our Vision for the Future

Grand Junction has for a long time needed clean and sober housing. While there are two missions in the city many of their residents use these shelters as a place to find their necessary accommodations for survival while continuing to live in the dysfunction that keeps them locked into their circumstances barely surviving only to return to the sin that enslaves them. For those wanting a genuine change their is no opportunity to escape the surroundings that act as a revolving door and this is not good for our community. While there are always going to be those who do not wish to change their behavior, their are some who do want to pursue a different course and because of the limited opportunities that exist in our community for clean and sober housing, they cannot. Partnering with Voice In The Wilderness, Community Reentry Project Inside Out from Denver is helping us meet this overwhelming need. It is our vision to see affordable housing provided where returning citizens who have been incarcerated can find a community not shunning them but embracing them as people with enormous potential. We also desire to provide shelter for women and children in crisis. Each house will be filled with residents who work paying rent and who are plugged into the Body Of Christ. This creates a safety net for the community lowering recidivism while encouraging an alternative to criminal conduct. Instead of being surrounded by drugs and alcohol, our residents become part of a family living with like minded individuals who share in the struggles and the victories of becoming healthy citizens, contributing to the community while being reconciled to their families and children, breaking the cycle of dysfunction. It is a daunting task but one we believe is well worth the fight for the betterment of our entire community.