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Jim Bailey has a truly remarkable story. He gave his life to the Lord in 1980 and soon after accepted the call of God on his life. He studied at Northwest Bible College and Western Reform Seminary before entering the mission field. Through a strange turn of events Jim spent 16 years in prison. He was released in 2009 and has been out six years and he and his family continue to serve God and reach out to their neighbors and community. He is now a licensed and ordained minister.

.Jim has written over 220 devotionals for several different websites as well as teaching the Word of God all over the State of Colorado. His story of redemption has opened the doors up for him to visit with officials in the Colorado Department Of Corrections where he has testified of God's grace and the power of the gospel to change lives. His passion is to declare hope to a perishing world while equipping people through education and godly counsel.

Our Staff

Tracy Bailey

Tracie Bailey is not only the Pastor's wife, which is a huge responsibility in and of itself, but she wears a number of hats assisting with Sunday School curriculum, event planning, assisting in the oversight of church finances as well as manages the thrift store. She has a full time job at St Mary's Hospital where she has joyfully worked for over 12 years and she is deeply appreciated by all who know her. She is hospitable and has an infectious smile! Tracie was a single mother for many years so she knows the difficulties of being a single parent. Her children are a testament to her unwavering work ethic and humble demeanor. Together her and Pastor Jim have built a ministry, business, and church that are an undeniable testimony to the grace of God!


Every life has a story to tell. Some of joy love and laughter, some of heartache and pain. The story here is an unforgettable story of the love of God for a prodigal Son and his redemption by God's Amazing Grace!

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For The Glory Of Christ

Romans 15:5-6 Now the God of of patience and comfort grant you to be of the same mind one with another according to Christ Jesus; v:6 that with one accord you may with one mouth glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Psalm 86:12 I will praise thee, O Lord my God, with my whole heart; And I will glorify thy name for evermore.

I am a part of something so wonderful and so amazing that sometimes I have to pinch myself to check whether I am dreaming or not? Every morning I get up and I go to work and throughout the day I get to see and witness the dynamics of this amazing organism called ‘The Body Of Christ’.

It was 2003 and we pulled up to the gate at Sterling Correctional Facility after a very long bus ride in which I was shackled to a man who looked like he ate Volkswagen’s for breakfast. I cannot describe the emptiness in my soul. I looked at the three story concrete dungeon and even from the outside I saw Castle Gray Skull. My heart was already broken in more pieces then I could count as it was my third trip to the ‘Big House’ and this time I had not one friend in all the world because my drug addiction had so separated me from anyone who ever loved me that I can truly say; I was all alone in this world. Immediately my hope of getting outside and feeling the sun on my face was dashed against a stone as I was ushered into a seven day lock down to be processed through security. I sat inside a cold and foreboding cell full of rage for God and for a system of justice that had forgotten compassion as I was sentenced to 10 years for a couple of checks out of my own bank account. Checks that were written as I tried to start a business and just got in over my head, but I never intended to defraud anyone and just a couple of months after I was sentenced they raised the felony threshold on property crimes making my 527.00 dollars a misdemeanor. There I sat in a maximum security prison with ten years hanging over my head for a misdemeanor and I was hurt and mad and missing my wife and kids and even now the tears swell in my eyes as I will never forget the pain I felt as even my parents left the state and I was abandoned by the entire world, written of from ever amounting to anything. I was as defeated as Hitler when he swallowed the cyanide capsule and then shot himself, and believe me the thoughts went through my mind!

Into the drab survival of my ‘dark night of the soul’ the Light of Heaven shined upon me first in the men who walked the yard who loved God and who were learning to live a new life. Then the men and women of Kairos came into the prison and shared the love of God with me and I began to believe that I could be a part of something again. They treated me like family! I never really understood the power of the gospel, though I had been a Christian for many years. I didn’t know love nor did I really believe that God loved me, even as putrid as I was they showed me the truth of Heaven and love so transformed me as the olive branch of peace was extended to me when I was drowning in my own vomit. I cannot write this without the vivid memories of the desperation I felt recreating in me a flood of emotion as I listened to their stories and we ate and laughed and we cried and something was born in me that carries me to this day. I saw what true fellowship in the Spirit of Jesus looks like and I witnessed how warriors for Christ came carrying the banner of peace waving it over those tormented by the devil and his shame filled lies and abandonment, setting free the captives no matter how many years or how difficult our circumstances may have appeared to be. Today as I write this I am an ordained minister who has started a church and a thrift store partnering with a number of other churches and ministries laboring to create transitional housing for those who need a second chance in a clean and sober environment. Absolutely none of it would be possible if not for the myriad of saints who surrounded me when I was written off and like the white cells in the human body they attached themselves to this diseased member and brought healing to that which was so near to dead that it took a resurrection to revive hope in my empty soul.

Perhaps this is what in means to glorify Christ and God with one heart and one mouth? Could it be that the greatest treasures are buried deep and hidden in the darkest of circumstances that just seem impossible for anyone to ever overcome? Yet like the disciples on Easter morning, saint after saint has experienced the grace of God and generation after generation there have been souls that God touches with His finger as they relive the truth of the resurrection overcoming insurmountable odds. They take their place among the ranks of eternity and there they testify to a love that will cause the adoration of our Savior to be heralded for millenia to come without ever ceasing in their red hot and intense desire to worship the One who gave His all so that we could become all we were meant to become! That is a voice that echoes with a trillion octaves, each representing the glory of God’s own revelation as His laws were written on their hearts and yet one holy choir singing “Hallelujah” to the Lamb who was slain for our sins.

Like I said, sometimes I have to pinch myself as I remember where I came from and just how good my God has been to me. More importantly, I feel His pulse in my breath and I cannot help but run this race toward a destiny that has been assured to me with the highest offering the heavens and all their glory had to offer; the blood of my Lord and Savior. His spotless and redeeming sacrifice has become the wind in my sail as I have set my course for eternity and there I will join the likes of Saint Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Matthew Henry, Martin Luther and the Apostle Paul shouting in endless Hallelujahs to my God and His only begotten Son. I will never forget Sterling and I will never forget those who brought the everlasting power of Heaven into that prison and they used a bucket of chicken and a couple of days of unselfish living and in return, they will reap rewards that will bring Jesus adoration forever! I cannot imagine a walk with God that does not pulsate with that same love and I refuse to believe that God would require anything less then that which I have been so blessed to have witnessed! This is my prayer for you as well and it is God’s will that every heart be turned to Him so that the world in its entirety may lift one voice to the God and Savior who created it.

Quote of the day: “Preach the gospel always, and when necessary, use words” Saint Francis of Assisi

By Pastor Jim