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Renewed Thrift Mart

Enjoy a treasure filled shopping experience where each visit holds new delights around every corner, and you can feel good that every dollar  you spend goes to support the work of the Voice in the Wilderness Ministries

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Find us at: 3098  I-70 Business Loop.  Grand Junction,  CO  81504

Phone 970 985-4009   


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Stop by and shop today. Your purchase can mean new life to those in need

Your donations of gently used household items,  or a gift of food to help us stock our food bank for those in need are greatly welcomed and encouraged. You can help someone in need with a hand up rather than a hand out.

Your volunteer time can help Voice in the Wilderness Ministries reach the lost. Our Lord has gifted each of us with gifts to use to leave on and reach the lost. By assisting at Renewed Thrift you can be a blessing not only to the body of Christ, but your time will go a long way in furthering the work of the gospel

Change Lives


All In A Day's Work

Come experience a typical day of God at work in the Thrift Mart

So this young man comes into the store this afternoon and he tells me he wants to be a minister. He has been calling me for three days but just had not connected with me so today he walked all the way to the church to find me. We talked a little while I worked so I could kinda see where he was coming from? I asked him who he thought Jesus was? He answered with the following; "Well, Jesus is my best friend! I talk to Him all the time and He shows me things! He has a great sense of humor and I want to be like Him!" I stopped and turned to him and there was just a sweet smile upon his glowing face. I looked down and his shoes were zip tied together because they had no laces. The shoes were worn out! He came in with a couple of plastic bags holding all of his possessions....Wal Mart size bags! I was so moved by the scene I was compelled to minister to his needs. He left with some Reebok's that matched perfectly his ankle high black socks. They were the only size 11's on the shelf! (God's amazing providence!) We put it all in a back pack and we prayed, gave him a Bible and a minister's handbook. Off he went to cast out devils, heal the sick, and raise the dead.
I can't help but wonder who he is or what his story is? All I know is he epitomized Matthew 6:33 putting God and His plan for his life first and all the things he needed were added unto him. The gospel is so simple and Heaven is so faithful, when did it become so overwhelmingly difficult too follow Christ? A simple reminder to me that the Jesus I serve is amazing and He has a great sense of humor! Wow, what a day.......and today the teacher became the student!!!

by Pastor Jim Bailey