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The Wilderness Church

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Working, learning, growing together in God’s abiding presence is our whole purpose.

At the Wilderness Church, we believe not in religion but in relationship: a true and meaningful relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Community is not always about where we live, but about our connection to one another, The true work of the ministry is investment in each others' lives.

What will you experience at the wilderness church?

You'll find a body of believers who are excited to have you join them.

A place where you can feel at home, where the pretense of the world are left at the door and you can feel free to be yourself without condemnation.

A place where you are loved

A church home.

Jesus said" Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find fest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."        Matthew 11:28-30

Are you needing to rest in the loving arms of God himself? The Wilderness Church is such a place. You'll find your very soul healed, refreshed, filled, encouraged and energized as you unite with the body of Christ that meet together as a family.

The Goodness of God

Romans 2:4 Or do you despise the riches of his goodness and forbearance and long suffering, not knowing that the goodness of God leads you to repent?

Jeremiah 10:10 But the Lord is the true God; he is the living God and the everlasting King. At his wrath the earth quakes, and the nations cannot endure his indignation.

Last night we had our weekly Friday Night Fire Fight home group or Bible study. Our topic this week was ‘God’s divine justice’. This is a subject I have given much thought and prayer to lately because I am quite convinced that the time is soon coming when humanity will see the Glory of God descending on the clouds. Though most of us move about without a single thought to our eternal destiny it is no less a reality that there will come a Day when the naivety of our consciousness will be pierced through and through and in an instant we will be ushered into a state of no return. The utter blindness that has overtaken the world is looming as terror and greed manipulate whole governments to depart from the reason of a sound conscience inflicting upon innocent blood the excessive violence necessary to establish an unhealthy dominance. Meanwhile, others of us live in the safety of our homes and though we may seem to be concerned, really we are more disturbed by the minor inconveniences we face then we are the sufferings of our brothers and sisters or the plight of plagues that have swept over the world affecting whole civilizations of people! Some argue their is no God while others kill and destroy in His name but in all reality their agenda is clearly not one that even promotes the rationale idea of God but only proves what the God of the Bible has said all along, and that is that we all are sheep that have gone astray. Though Christ and the prophets have warned us for millennia that these days would eventually come upon us, still we have ran headlong off the cliff like lemmings into eternal destruction. We negate the Law of God like children wanting to play in the street during rush hour and time and time again God has delivered us as a loving parent, from oncoming traffic, only to see us return with more intensity back out on to the highways of our own devastation. Worse, we dismiss the notion of accountability arguing that a loving God would never be just in sending us to hell while we live and behave in a manner that violates every thread of decency written into our very own conscience! Somehow our foolish minds relegate God to be a freckled playground child that can be dismissed at a whim if we decide He does not fit our profile of what God, should indeed be? We expect that on judgment day, if there is even such a thing, that because we have done a few good things in our lives that in the overall scheme of things, God will apologize for giving us His Law and that our abrogation of it was the right choice? After all, we creatures know better then our Creator what is best for us…………right? Better God dismiss His own wisdom and acquiesce to our rebellions then to punish us for violating the blessedness and possibility of our potential under the Divine commands to obey. The stench of our arrogance is prolific!

There were two thieves that were hung with Christ. Both were guilty of transgressing God’s Law and the law of man. One hurled slanderous accusations at Christ while the other weighed his own conscience and found that even in the punishment of his crimes there was the hope of redemption. These two men paint a perfect picture of the dilemma of the world’s populations. On Christ’ one hand there are those who malign God and speak irreprehensibly of Him though the weight of their sin bears heavy upon the soul. On the other hand there are those who reach out to Christ but being nailed to the cross of sin they have found entrance into paradise through simply confessing their need of forgiveness and Christ as their innocent atonement has the power to freely grant such a pardon. His last breath in this life has become our first breath in the world to come and by placing the weight of our transgressions on His spotless soul God has accepted us into His family like orphans rescued from the slums of Calcutta. I wonder what it would had been like for the thief who denying Christ in his suffering awakened to eternal damnation knowing that his pardon was only a finger tip away? “If only I had believed” I can hear him wailing! Believed in the Law of God and the fact that God gave us His law not to restrain us but truly to liberate us from the tyranny of our lesser innate desires. God’s Law was designed to usher us into His presence and to establish morality and civility in our midst. Our hope for justice restrains evil and the vehicle with which we approach God is created in the requirements of the Law. God has paved the street we are to travel upon and it is a straight path where violence is not committed in His Name and the Holy Spirit searches the sincere heart of a believer convicting, transforming, and illuminating with great clarity the evidence of Christ in our assemblies. Herein lies the goodness of God and herein lies the delusion of our souls. We get one chance to exhibit faith in Him. After that comes the justice of His judgment. Our denial of Him only lessens Him in our own conscience but it will never dismiss the fact that He is everywhere and He sees all! He is holy and we are all wholly incapable of pleasing Him outside of our faith in His Son. Our guilt either reproves us or it causes us to act like the foolish thief who though he was inches from life eternal, he now spends his existence in absolute regret. The last memory he has of his life was looking into the eyes of the Son of God and remembering the blasphemies that proceeded out of his mouth while the same Son of God reached for him while bearing the consequence of that mans sins upon the cross. In the mil a second that it took for his life to pass from this world to the next his soul was convinced of the goodness of God as he saw Christ suffer and he is left to forever remember that the offer of life was extended to him and the blindness and denial of his guilt has forever, and willingly, excluded him from being with the Father who gave him life. All of us are one breath away from finding out what that man found out. We can spend our whole lives pleasing our carnal desires while living under the rainbow of mercy but there will come a day either individually, or collectively, when the veil of life on this side will be ripped open and being ushered into the presence of Almighty God we shall either celebrate the goodness of Heaven and enter therein with hearts full of praise for Christ our King. Or we will be sent away remembering for all eternity the moments we absolutely forbid the knowledge of God to invade our souls and in that undesirable end we shall dwell remembering that the goodness of God was at our finger tips and the whisper of faith was, alas, only a breath away and one breath too late. Let us seek God while He may be found for in doing so we shall experience for ourselves the glorious fact that God is just and He is good……….all the time!

By Pastor Jim